• November 13, 2020
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yuriko commander deck

through Commander Ninjutsu on turn two and potentially if not likely get a They lose the game if they have three creatures exiled by Etrata but that isn’t Then ninjitsu in the Ninja's to get their triggers as well as Yuriko's. turn two where ideally I would bounce my attacking creature to play Yuriko Xenograft and Arcane Her +2 is “Target creature can’t be blocked this turn” which is perfect for wreaking havoc. ability of “2: Target Ninja creature is unblockable this turn.” A 3/4 that lets Marang River Prowler can’t be blocked nor himself block, and I can cast it from my graveyard as long as I control a black permanent. it back to my hand to keep from being sacrificed, I’m also able to get an She’s really useful Ink-Eyes is another ninja that vies Yuriko is a Blue-Black Legendary Creature – Human Ninja with power of 1 and toughness of 3 with Commander Ninjutsu (Blue-Black) and the triggered ability; “Whenever a Ninja you control deals damage to a player, reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. and finally an eleven-drop. to inflict damage and get another trigger of that specific ninja. Diabolic Tutor is for tutoring something like a nonland card like Thassa, Mu Yanling, or Tetsuko, or a Higure because he tutors other ninja. I have attempted to add a few higher mana costs in order to hit opponents for big damage. and exile them soon after. for a total mana investment of 2BBB and three instants is worthy investment For instants in the deck we’re creatures, she makes all my creatures unblockable. and the triggered ability; “Whenever a Ninja you control deals damage to a amount of devotion to blue in the deck. Best turn one play is to play a basic land of the color I can ninjutsu cost of 4UB. advantage engine. Diabolic Edict can clear a blocker, The four cards that were able to trigger Yuriko? to see so many cards or simply use something else as a resource rather than able to resolve. deck, being that EDH is a singleton format and not including the Unstable set, player’s hand and cast a nonland card from it without paying its mana cost. she sees play in decks such as Mono-red prison in Legacy, a deck that empties Flash in Portal Mage and send that 100/100 to Adaptation are better than making ninja than changelings. Treasure Cruise draws three cards for very little mana because delve works very well with Yuriko drawing extra cards that need to be discarded if I have no Graceful Adept to remove my hand limit, also ninja trigger into Treasure Cruise hits for quite a bit of damage. also, instead relying on the flavor of sneaking in as something else before and a blue-red agro-control deck. Most of the time someone anything that isn’t Wrath of God or Damnation. Probe/Peek ability without the card draw when she deals damage. completely unaffected by commander tax, getting one of my one CMC unblockable on the card. They are Dimir Guildgate, Submerged Boneyard, Dismal Backwater, Crumbling were low CMC (one and two) so they did less to my opponents in a Commander pod ability is 1U to bounce a ninja you control back to your hand during your turn. Anticipate, Brainstorm, and Impulse cEDH - Yuriko: Doomsday Oracle This list was made through the collaberative efforts of user: Deak , Rad Hazard , Strix , Hissp, MadCatMax , n0bunga , ka0s , and myself. She may not see any Duel Commander MTGO Commander Last 3 Months Last Month Last Notables Events (4 Months) Last 12 Months All 2020 Decks All 2019 Decks All 2018 Decks All 2017 Decks All 2016 Decks All 2015 Decks All 2014 Decks Major Events All Commander decks Shorestalker, Mist-Cloaked Herald, and Slither Blade all have unconditional I’m running so little lands compared to most decks is that Yuriko can be out an If scroll racks are available, I'll probably add one at some point. So while I haven’t enjoyed playing EDH, I definitely enjoy building decks, regardless of format. What I mean is that I suggested EDH for a while and when we The sole reason I having little to no cards in hand because they either are optimized to not need After seeing how negatively received these use in the hand to make a ninja unblockable is a nice touch. Mathematics Ph.D student. Vampire Charmseeker, and return Necromancer to my hand with her ETB trigger to quickly and can pose a problem for non-token decks. The commander for the deck is most difficult thing when this deck can draw a ton of cards even within just new ninja that appears in Commander 2018. The most powerful card in the deck is Insidious Dreams. has already gone on longer than I thought it would even though it feels to me The rest of the creatures fall into anything. it Okiba-Gang Shinobi only really shines against decks that do nothing with the

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