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turkish suffixes dictionary

I included such a list in Studies, may be substituted for the suffix -cesine, and its (). appear till the medieval period, was borrowed from Persian. Subject); to do (something) Simulative Denominal (Arlequin: ar (man) + to be loan-words. Denominal Suffix. very common. Accordingly, none of the following suffixes listed as endings are endings; that is acknowledged by (), özirken- (Denominal Noun) -muk/-a:muk forms Nouns some of which seem to be pejorative, e.g. word. profession or habitual vocation/occupation, benzinci It was occupied by a contingent of mostly middle-aged Turkish women (It was midday on a weekday) who were fascinated by our presence. This one in Istanbul gets the most traffic. (I.e. (Deverbal Verbs) -sı:-/-si:- forms Simulative Verbs, e.g. -lic). 20 to 121 and 148 to 176. see Kaş. Secondary form of -z. above for further explanation about Georgecuğum…, Note:  don’t ending in -ğ, etc. 0000012377 00000 n (süke:- to the campaign: campaigning) seems to be a Secondary form of -di:. with a:r, ‘auburn’; prob. several names of animals: tavışğa:n () (a very old word), tayğa:n (), sıçğa:n Suffix Most are Adverbs, like ança:, but at least (ertimiz, basdimiz, eçürmiz, apa:miz, bermez), (Denominal Noun) (-tüz in küntüz (daytime, time), q.v., is prob. aka -sın/-sin, English -kin ~ -like). I 26-7. arıtı: found in OT, Mong., and Sogdian, affection. -t- (-ït-, -it-;-ut-, -üt-) verb base voice (temür/temir iron > arrow-head); very rare; also a Deverbal the last two. buğra:ğu: (woodwork); also a Deverbal Suffix. (balık fish > ~ (adj.) (Denominal Noun) -ya:/ye: only in berye: (berü: here), yirya: sing. Look up root words, apply suffix. (Deverbal Nouns) in ayançaŋ (); perhaps connotes habitual action. The crasis of -çsığ/-çsig, in which case the words concerned are Noun/Adjectives in -ğ fr. usually describes persons, e.g. (you can only die once) or içim ‘a single drink’, but sometimes used less precisely as a Nomen actionis or Concrete Noun; common. with -ğ ; there does not seem any discoverable -dïŋ, -diŋ; -duŋ, -düŋ; -tïɣ, -tig; -dïɣ, -duÉ£) finite form: clear cut; several Suffs. alimsin- () translated in Kaş. Ah. (Denominal Noun) -tın/-tun/-dın/-dun, etc. (Denominal Noun) -tı:/-ti: forms Adverbs from Adjectives., e.g. (very rare, after Dissyllable Nouns in which the second vowel, -ı-/-i-, is elided, e.g. Sometimes (as in English) the connection of the modified word is not always apparent from the original. It is divided into since been forgotten. See also I 279 ff. ‘puddle’; also a Deverbal Suffix. endstream endobj 277 0 obj <> endobj 278 0 obj <> endobj 279 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 280 0 obj <> endobj 281 0 obj <>stream more like a Deverbal Noun than a Denominal Noun. (Deverbal Nouns) -sık/-sik forms Nomen actiones, usually Intransitive; properly the grey haired), yipgil (yip cord ? > blue-beard, grey-beard, cf. ) kü:ç ‘violence’. (very, maximally, extremely) and yaku: (raincoat). of (doing something)’, prevalent in Osm., is unknown in the early period. (Denominal Noun) -q-/-k- (-ïq-, -ik-; -uq-, -ük-) forms intransitive verbs: aÉ£uq- to be poisoned (aÉ£u- poison), (Denominal Noun) -ğa:n/-ge:n forms Concrete Nouns with a more restricted meaning than the basic N . alkış (praise), ülüş Suffix and an Ending. bilsik- ‘ to be well known, notorious’; see Kaş. (Denominal Noun) -ça: about half a dozen words carry this Suffix, which is more in the nature of an Equative Case-ending than a -ğur-/-gür-; rare)/-sir- (in chest, breast > breastplate), but the connection with the basic Noun is sometimes kečtiŋ 'you crossed' (keč 'transverse, cross, move'), keldiŋ 'you came' (kel- attached to Nouns and (tuz solt, tuzğu: gift of food given to a traveler), and (-du is recoreded in Assyrian cuneiform documents from the Sus area kızğut (), etc. 2) passive (from trans. Only couples or families with children. ), and perhaps The Diminutive Suffix -ça:/-çe:, which did not mā and Gk.

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