• November 13, 2020
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plato vs aristotle

Aristotle studied under Plato and remained in his academy for 20 years in Athens but left the academy after Plato’s death. Aristotle VS Plato 1. Plato was a student of Socrates, and Aristotle was a student of Plato. Aristotle vs Plato. Idealism Vs Realism, Student Vs Teacher. As not all humans have the same capabilities, Plato and Aristotle are proposing that the hierarchical social organization purportedly based on merit is ideal. Plato points up (to his forms), and Aristotle points down (indicating his realist philosophy). Plato / Aristotle: The debate of the Ancients (Aristocracy vs Democracy) The question of the best government is at the heart of the political thinking of the two philosophers. PLATO AND ARISTOTLE SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES 2. Presented by : Nagla Drashti P. Class: M.A Semester: 1 Paper No:3 Paper Name: Literary Theory and Criticism Batch Year: 2016-2018 Email id: nagladrashti38@gmail.com Submitted to: Smt.S.B Gardi Department of Englis Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University This fact is very cleverly illustrated by Raphael's "School of Athens" (1510-11; Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican), where Plato is portrayed looking up to the higher forms; and Aristotle is pointing down because he supports the natural sciences. Plato and Aristotle argue that people possess a certain natural ability that determines their role in society. ... Plato on the other hand believed that we should not go out and experience things like Aristotle but rather think about things and study, and without actual experience, we could be wise men who could give humanity a way to live just by applying thought. More specifically, Socrates, the main character of Plato’s dialogues and Plato’s teacher, is an idealist. Socrates and Plato as Idealists vs. Aristotle as a Realist. Several dialogues of Plato (The Republicor The Statesman) and Aristotle address the issue in depth. Plato Vs Aristotle. Plato and Aristotle, two of the most influential philosophers of Ancient Greece, laid the foundation for what we now know as Western philosophy.Their writings are still studied by philosophers today, and are still as fascinating and sometimes confusing as they were in Plato and Aristotle’s time. However, Plato is consistent in his argument and belief in Dualism unlike Aristotle who is undecided on materialism and dualism. Plato (424/423 BC–348/347 BC) and Aristotle (384 BC–322 BC) were both Greek philosophers and mathematicians. Plato vs. Aristotle Plato and Aristotle, two philosophers in the 4th century, hold polar views on politics and philosophy in general. Aristotle holds the greater argument for the view on the relationship between the body and soul because he has less issues with regard to proof of his theory and more contemporary views, unlike Plato. The fundamental character of one’s soul, in part, determines this natural ability.

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