• November 13, 2020
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mana curve calculator edh

The thing is, except in most casual metas, people start doing things on early turns. I have a high land count (42), consisting of a lot of fetches and basics, and a lot of cantrips to help this plan. In this way, there is often a greater emphasis on higher cmc cards with bigger effects. This sounds like cEDH kinda stuff. Additionally, if there were any castable draw or filtering spells like Brainstorm available, I would cast them to hit a land if needed. He lives in Eau Claire, WI with his wife and son. I own a few commander decks and they're all really fun (and I'd like to consider at least decent) but I've had my friend make all of my decks or help me make them. Sometimes it’s ok to fly under the radar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Too competitive for EDH, too casual for cEDH, KefNOT the Controlfreak/The Nope Pope/Edric's weenie death squad. If I'm playing a mana base with fetch lands or a lot of duals I might cut some black/red lands in a Grixis deck that is heavy blue in favor of more red/blue or black/blue lands. Something like [[bojuka bog]] or the scry lands in decks that don't have much card draw/selection. If you actually want to calculate it from the ground up, the general steps are: Decide how many lands you want in play at various milestone moments in the game. Fit your ramp into your curve, preferably on its low end. However you hurt yourself if you decide to go heavy into this route. E.g., my keranos deck for cEDH is heavy in land destruction. I hardly ever remove ramp. May I ask why competitive decks have low land counts? Honestly though I wouldn't lose too much sleep over lowering the mana curve. Looking at manabasecrafter will help you figure out what nonbasics to look at and crossing that with edhrec will help decide which might be the best. If nothing else, just up your land and rock count to the point where you can consistently make mana equal to the turn number. Why is everyone downvoting people saying like 37 lands? Obviously, one should have a deck full of cmc 5+ cards. How important is it that you play your first land on turn 1 (obviously very important)? The important things is knowing what works for your environment. Lowering your curve is not just about giving you more powerful early turns - it will also let you cast the spells to get to your later turns quicker. Jeleva and Kess Storm are a bit higher, and Food Chain Tazri tops out at 28 lands and 43 total sources. Numbers will of course vary a bit between decks with more or less ramp and also be different for decks that have mana cheat effects like reanimation or [[Rakdos, Lord of Riots]] cost reduction effects. How many basic and non basic? General wisdom is definitely NOT to start at 40 lands. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Then if the CMC is lower or higher (I don't generally like going higher), then I'll add or remove lands. Finally, consider card draw and filtering effects. Edit: In my group you can get away with a curve as simple as "I need 1-2 mana in ramps to curve into my 5 mana commander and I also could use 1 good draw card by turn 7~" which is pretty basic. preordain - (G) (SF) (MC) (ER)[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call. Fit your ramp into your curve, preferably on its low end. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”, “The soil of their native land is dear to all the hearts of mankind.”. ramp in context of curve - when chosing ramp cards have in mind your curve. For instance if your average cmc is about 2-3 and your curve peaks in that range, 4cmc ramp spell demands a really good reasoning, while 1 … You'll notice how your deck feels much less clunky, you can actually do stuff from at least turn 2 onwards (e.g. It feels too low, but it it truly too low? For me 3.5 or lower tends to work out well. Other than Edric, I can't really see any lower casting cost decks doing well simply because EDH is a power format, low casting cost cards just don't have the power to keep up with the tempo of other decks, even if you swarm you are still very soft to board wipes which are soo very prominent in this format. In some games, having a single rattlesnake or the mere threat of removal steered people elsewhere, and they beat up eachother, and I entered the late game with a full grip, ready to win. EDH, as a format, provides quite a cushion for bad decks. And no, one should not ahve a deck full off 5+ cmc cards by default. (Click to enlarge pictures) Quality of Lands: Evaluating and and Ranking the Options. It's always been a real challenge for me so help and advice would be appreciated. If you pack lots of good, cheap card selection then you can use it to help you hit lands when you need them. One of my worst cmc averages (mono-blue theft) is 4.11. I run 37 in my dual colored zombies and 38 in my sliver deck. Such a good answer! I need to be playing something of value every turn until I can win, including keeping mana up to respond to threats. At best, they just ramp. On the other hand, if you have average cmc around 3, but your curve includes many important 4-5 drops, higher cmc ramp alongside cheap ramp is ok. ramp, land count and drop importance - this is a bit advanced, but it might be of use to you. Copy link. I start with 36 lands and 10 ramp spells (fetch a land onto battlefield, mana rock or mana dork). This part depends on the deck, in a deck with enchantment synergies, for example, the only ramp I'll play is enchantment based like [[Market Festival]]. Working out the ratio for draw cards works much the same, 1 by turn 7 would be 1 out of (7 starting+ 7 drawn) or 1/14 or 7.142 cards. In this context, 4cmc ramp would take up your whole t3/4 without actually making Sigarda drop earlier (bc you'd drop her the nex turn either way), while a t2 ramp's benefits over 3cmc ramp spell are lessened because 3cmc spells like Cultivate ensure a land drop on the next turn and the said 2cmc spell doesn't make Sigarda drop faster than a 3cmc spell despite being cheaper. 26% of the decks tested missed their T3 land drop and were unable to play any mana source within the first three turns. Nate’s formula is a good place to start for most decks. The average deck on EDHREC is running just over 29 lands.

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