• November 13, 2020
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grain credit reviews

I was going to give 4 stars, but I think y’all deserve 5. Customer service is horrible.. After you get approved for a line a credit, people please make sure you’re responsible of your account and make payments on time. This sounds like a great idea. AppGrooves. I’ve been there! Top 10 Apps like Grain: The Digital Credit Card. You even get to choose how much you want to transfer from the line of credit to your bank account! I really hope this review helps someone in need! My husband and I are trying to buy a house in a year and I’m hopeful this will help us build our credit to where we need it to be. Grain is easy and convenient. Well I have waited at most a week with still no transfer and when I try to get ahold of someone through email or phone I get no response. See Credit Agreement for details. Patrick responded to my concern and fixed the pending initial deposit. Terms can differ from one lender to the next, and not every lender is guaranteed to report to all three credit bureaus, so shop around before settling on a … My name is Germain by the way. Sign up with any of the 10,000+ banks we support. I highly recommend! I have a 619 middle fico score. These folks are giving people like me a chance with a real credit card which is going to be your regular daily basis debit card. With 256-Bit Encryption, your data is protected with bank-level security. Positive Reviews: Grain: The Digital Credit Card - by Grain Technology, Inc. - #7 App in Credit Cards - Finance Category - 10 Similar Apps & 9,120 Reviews - AppGrooves: Get More Out of Life with iPhone & … *all time FAVOURITE*, BEST SHOPPING APPS: Online Shopping on a Budget, Take the Drama Out of Couples Budgeting with These 3 Apps. UNBELIEVABLE! Add AppGrooves to your home screen for quick access. The app is made by amateurs and you have to email them when you want your bank info disconnected, but they never reply . A Guide Before Applying for a Payday Loan, *Monny App* Budgeting Wallet App For Students! I got approved in a matter of seconds for actually a real credit account. I’m excited to share this app with everyone I know who is rebuilding!! My sole purpose of writing this review is that I’m hoping after two week of emailing and calling, it will make someone reach out to me. Also, I’m reading that the money transfers takes days, that’s bad if someone has an emergency and needs to use their “credit-card”. The best part? Compared to typical secured cards with exorbitant interest fees and high security deposits, Grain calculates your credit based on your income and has the lowest interest rate I’ve ever seen from such a service! Use your debit card as you normally would while Grain works for you behind the scenes. of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? Grain is hands down the most affordable way of boosting your credit! In the beginning the payments would clear in 24 hours now they take 5-7 days the service is awesome other than the time delay I would highly recommend this company. You can accept or deny the offer before they even ask for your social! Just sync your current debit card and use Grain as you would a credit card. The company was only working with 5 states at that time and now they’re going nationwide. Click the icon above to search for an app of your choice to compare. It's been 2 wks. I was able to withdraw from my balance. Income has never been an issue for us but credit always gets us denied even if our income is high. It’s been two days now with no response from Grain. The credit offer is based off of your cash flow. We never share your data with third parties. Credit builder loans from other sources: Many banks and credit unions offer credit builder loans, though they may not always be called credit builder loans. As with any credit product, the customer will be given the reasons for a declined application. We're bringing Grain to Android soon. This approach empowers you to use what you need for your day-to-day, builds good credit in the process and ultimately, gives you more ownership over your credit. I think this is a pretty cool idea. However, even though I was approved for a line of credit the app is telling me it is not available for use in my state yet. I closed it, but my $150 deposit was refunded twice. I called customer service and it was fixed in less than 5 minutes. The approval process is based on your ability to manage your checking account and not your credit history. Now I think I owe them $150. Signed right up and into my bank and was approved for a decent amount, but I’m confident my credit line will grow. Best apps for budgeting. The concept of this app is great and I was excited when I got approved for $750. I was told that it takes up to 3-4 days. My card has a $150 limit, but they placed a hold on my bank checking account for almost $600, $600 that I now cannot access. Dispute credit entries to help grow credit. I downloaded and opened an account on July 16. With Grain, you get a revolving line of credit based on your income and cash flow. I Live in California so it’s a state this product is currently available in. The app really is‘t worth the hassle for me. How to Make Better Videos with your Phone - FiLMiC Pro Tutorial for Beginners, Are These Top Camera Apps WORTH the Extra Money? I would recommend verifying security deposit sooner, or initiating the security deposit via debit card so the account can be used immediately. they hung up on me 4x I signed up about a week ago. You’re more than a credit score. A withdrawal cleared my bank Friday but didn’t reflect in the app till Tuesday. This product utilizes checking account data to analyze and assess cash flow as well as other banking behaviors in seeking to match the best credit line possible. I called customer support the Monday after I started the account. Wouldn’t recommend. But then you’re on hold forever and they never answer your emails or text messages. Grain provides a revolving line of credit that you can access through your existing debit card without issuing a card. The initial 1.01 has been pending since then. I find it absolutely ridiculous that I can’t get in contact with anyone though. Download Grain: The Digital Credit Card and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Available Monday-Friday, 9:30AM-8:30PM ET, 6:30AM-5:30PM PT Email requests will receive a faster response.

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