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If not, take a break from the discussion, and try another time again. By contrast, if they said, “The Win-Win Waltz works great!” odds are they utilized certain techniques that facilitate success. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to learn more, don’t forget to check out our. Ask participants to help you come up with a potentially tricky decision a couple might have to make. In a collaborative marriage, partners respect each other’s ideas; they avoid dismissing or steam-rolling over each other’s viewpoints. Take an initial look at the Win-Win Waltz Worksheet. Most couples have systems for making decisions together, such as taking turns on who gets their way, whoever feels most strongly about the issue gets their way, or they compromise (they both give up some). This … Each Scenario with student-response space is on its own single page. A’s role is to try to be so effective that A and B reach a consensus despite the TRAPs. Be an example to each other and listen to learn! Once they found apartments that met their initial criteria, they added their other concerns. Place the three Cue Cards so that they are visible to all the group members (e.g., facing the group, propped on chairs in front of the group). Have the rest of the group pay attention to what TIPS they used and the impact of them. A paperless, no-prep, narrated version of this lesson has been added, so even the youngest students can learn independently. 1. Copyright © 2020 Worksheetplace.com. Also included in: Conflict Resolution BUNDLE (Print and Digital), Also included in: Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, & Character Education Curriculum K-2, Also included in: Self Regulation Small Group Bundle: Lessons, Games and More, Also included in: Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, & Character Education Curriculum 3-5, Also included in: Conflict Resolution Activities Bundle (Save 20%! Scenarios to use when role playing conflict resolution with students. The only difference is that fix-it talk begins with two initial steps. The more critical the decision, the more potent the anger/depression.). Theme: Illdy. P, Conflict resolution is a life-skill that students must learn to be successful in the real world. The Netherlands is a complete, science-based training template for practitioners and coaches that contains all the materials you’ll need to help your clients improve their personal and professional relationships, ultimately enhancing their mental wellbeing. ), Using I Statements - Conflict Resolution Activities for Counseling and SEL, Social Skills - Life Skills - CONFLICT RESOLUTION. The win-win waltz guides the way to cooperative solution-building in situations in which there seems to be conflict in the sense of underlying or overt tension and a feeling that two sides feel in opposition. Let’s also check in the Yellow Pages for which dealers have repair facilities near us.”. Mary might say: “I don’t want to have to keep taking the car back to the shop; Students will learn how to form an I-statement, practice using them in various scenarios, and consider why I-statements are import, Conflict ResolutionSocial Skills and Life Skills A real-life topic that all students will benefit from. Generating multiple solution sets helps in two ways. Breathe. h�̛mo\7vǿʼ�`���,;�ؤE�m�^�Z[M�:�!+�����;$G3#�v�-Zغ��������J�-;W�Χ���&���\�_�;�ʰ����k�Rc�̄�J����s����G�S��EMtM?bKK_R5u4-���k�lZ�i��2��+��qZ?5�5�^��g=��!�wӈ�4�/�����i�� Depression and anger both indicate flaws in shared decision-making. There are a total of 40 cards. Small Group Counseling Scenario Cards- 150 Card Bundle! outside of their own areas of competency. With the “Win-Win Waltz,” virtually any decision becomes easy and mutual. The task cards can improve your clients’ conflict-resolution skills and gives them the opportunity to express how they may feel in difficult situations. Students work in groups to survive the Vietnam War by choosing the proper technology to defend their troops. Several of these tools are designed to assist with conflict resolution: In any relationship, there are the inevitable ‘hard topics’ to breach, and by avoiding these topics, more harm is done to the relationship. Briefly describe the situation: 2. * indicates required. Vietnam Wa, 8 discussion cards contain common but tricky conflicts that arise in elementary classrooms. Conflict leads to emotional distress, turmoil, depression, unhappy relationships, and separation. 6229HN Maastricht Use the recommended literature to take your students on a ride up and down the Conflict Escalator. Four Conflict Resolution Scenarios that are very relevant to today's young people. What is your relationship to the people involved? Emphasize the difference between concerns and positions (which are action plans or specific solutions). The process that leads to win-win outcomes is referred to as the win-win waltz because the process involves three essential steps. Stop! !ABOUT THIS RESOURCE145 pagesPrint and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)Suitable for Middle and Hig, This product is an activity that has the students role playing. For Great Educators. Conflict Resolution Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets (Print and Digital), Conflict Resolution BUNDLE (Print and Digital), Responsibility, Goal Setting, & Conflict Resolution - Social Emotional Learning, Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, & Character Education Curriculum K-2, Conflict Resolution Lesson Plan Resources Bundle, Conflict Resolution Activities, Lesson, and Classroom Visuals, Emotional Regulation and Coping Strategies School Counseling Bundle, Social Awareness: Empathy, Peer Pressure, Conflict Resolution, Bullying -3-5 SEL, Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, & Character Education Curriculum 3-5, Apologizing - Social Skills Activities For Conflict Resolution Lessons, Conflict Resolution Activities Bundle (Save 20%! !ABOUT THIS RESOURCE145 pagesPrint and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)Suitable for Middle and Hig. These activities are perfect for your social skills or conflict resolution lessons! What is different? One hallmark of a true partnership is the effectiveness of two people’s shared-decision making. Then, have them discuss what they would do if they were put in the shoes of the individuals, A scenario, problem solving game for your US History or World History students to work their way out of the Vietnam jungle! Conflict Resolution Scenario Cards, Conflict Resolution | Scenarios Between Peers for Social Skills Task Box Filler, 50 I Message Scenario Cards - Conflict Resolution.

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