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bioshock infinite ending reddit

1) Raffle: Throw the Ball at Fink or the interracial couple who tried to get married. this guy also has a really good explanation. Update: Read the follow-up to this post, The One Twist in Bioshock Infinite's Ending You Might Have Missed Completely. This is troubling since it implies that the entire Bioshock story was just another derivative of the current story, and it also implies that that entire Bioshock universe ceases to exist once the infinite loop is closed. I like the part where you say he is judged as a father without even knowing because we had that theme in the game. It's also very puzzling to figure out how a man inspired to create a city through scripture, would end up being related to the "godless industralist" that was Ryan. When these things are considered I think that Bioshock 2 was simply a much better sequel to the original game than Infinite is when it comes to staying true to the formula. I understand Bioshock Infinite … Press J to jump to the feed. – Elizabeth. The idea behind the multiverse is the idea that for every decision that is made, an infinite number of universes will come into existence that explores every possible outcome of that decision. Bioshock 2 has an uninteresting story and lacks the atmosphere of the first game. Why does Booker have to die? Effectively the "it was all a dream" ending. You can just truly judge a man when he doesn't realise it. TL; DR. The remastered versions of 1 and 2 crash a lot on PC. The biggest culprit is the "infinite universes" concept, which makes it impossible to feel any kind of resolution, since they've guaranteed that for every universe where it makes an impact, there's an uncountable number of universes where it doesn't. spoiler. Hey, I just finished Bioshock Infinite, and I was wondering if anyone could explain the ending in simple terms, and how the ending connects to the beggining of the DLC, Im having trouble finding the answeres online. User account menu. So in paragraph one it says Booker/Comstock sold Anna to himself right? 2. "Booker, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Sad ending I guess from Elizabeth's standpoint but Burial At Sea really needed to be whole game instead of the disappointment we got with Infinite. Reddit /r/Bioshock post by user Jusicarchon. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We see in the post credits scene that some survived, I think the most likely explanation is that, as we see, some Bookers left earlier in Preacher Witting's speech than others, and those ones were allowed to leave and live happy lives and have a chance to be a better dad to Anna. What are the outcomes for the story. Hey guys, here's my complete explanation and interpretation of the ending to one of the greatest games of our generation... Bioshock Infinite! 110k members in the Bioshock community. Posted by. Throw it at Fink: The couple gives you a Clothing gear after the beach but before the Arcade Throw it at the couple: Fink's manservant Mr.Flambeau will meet you immediately inside the arcade. BIOSHOCK INFINITE It’s been a while since the game came out, but I have a full explanation of Bioshock Infinite’s plot that … Press J to jump to the feed. This isn't even going into things like the bad end of bioshock one with nuclear weapons. Close. Press J to jump to the feed. The entire Bioshock Infinite experience is simply DeWitt's guilty conscience regarding Wounded Knee creating a fantasy of an alternate Booker. Even opening the map can cause crashes. This is what led to him being a depressed gambling alchoholic who was desperate and in enough debt to actually sell his child. Booker's wife died in childbirth. I uninstalled Bioshock 1 after i lost a good chunck of playtime after a crash. Many scientists believe in not just a universe, but many universes. Also gives you a Clothing Gear. Just a “”””””simple””””””” explanation,Elizabeth is a god that can travel through time and dimensions and basically,every universe has a booker Dewitt (the main character) but in some he becomes comstock and kidnaps Elizabeth by using a lutece device and the reason u die at the end is so that the cycle can be broken. http://www.reddit.com/r/Bioshock/comments/1b4fmx/my_detailed_ending_explanation_my_attempt_at_the/. BioShock Infinite's ending explained: Answering all of Columbia's questions. … Booker. Anyone please help explain? Booker's memory rewrites itself due to him traveling to another universe (one in which he already exists as Comstock), The rescue attempts repeatedly fail due to Songbird being so powerful. Ending Of Bioshock Infinite. So, simply put, even if you take everything exactly as it's presented in the game, the ending of Bioshock Infinite does not work. I would actually have preferred Infinite to end before the credits, as I see the story as essentially complete at that point. They appear and disappear throughout the game at will. It finally succeeds only due to future Elizabeth sending a note back to herself with Booker (during the Armageddon scene). This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. Archived. This subreddit is dedicated to the BioShock game series. Log In Sign Up. Comments; Shares. Anyway i was enjoying Bioshock 1 but after the twist the games just goes on for too long. As for the DLC it goes through the story of how every Elizabeth will end up dying and how they try to kill the last comstock. Using her ability to see through 'all the doors' (all realities) Liz brings Booker through a tear back to a 'focal' point that symbolizes/acts as a funnel for all possible outcomes based on the 'choice' of baptism acceptance or denial, since that is the spot which leads to Comstock's origination and Liz destroying the world.

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