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big barda vs wonder woman

Starfire may be most well known for being scantily clad or her role in Teen Titans but she should be known for her undeniable ability to beat the pants off Wonder Woman (or underwear rather). Wonder Woman's flight would make her hard to catch but once caught Big Barda's strength and weaponry make her a near-unbeatable brute force. Both heroines can survive in space, fly through the planets and launch a rocket ship (or much more) over their heads but only one's alien condition allows them to store energy within themselves. Part Kree, part human, Captain Marvel matches Wonder Woman on both her abilities of flight and strength. And that orange-skinned beauty is the winner. Just ask all the people and things she's thrown around, from Loki to a giant shark. 3. RELATED: 10 Absolutely 'Fire' Starfire Cosplays. She does all of this while battling her own bouts of mental illness as seen in Kelly Thompson's Life of Captain Marvel and she always comes away flying. Due to being from a different Earth, Power Girl cannot be taken down by the one check mate that has been Superman's downfall time after time - Kryptonite. rjay678 and soxfan89 like this. Sign Up Login. On top of it all, Angela is fueled by a terrifyingly strong cocktail of strict moral code and love - an unbeatable combination if you stand between her and what she believes or loves most in the world. Imagine, when she is in control. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman ask Big Barda to help them find their way to Apokolips and despite initially refusing, she agrees. There, Superman infiltrates Darkseid's palace while Wonder Woman and Barda go through the sewers directly into the fighting arena, where Granny Goodness and the Female Furies ambush them. Created by MissTaken. 0. 0. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. Superhero battle match: Wonder Woman versus Big Barda. Wonder Woman & Superman. Strength. 1. Best friends to Gamora, Aldrif Odinsdottir has taken a punch in the face from Thor without even batting an eye. A Superman equivalent, Kara Zor-L of Earth 2 has everything that Wonder Woman has plus so much more. 0. And she does it patriotically. They share a resistance to all things Earth but Danvers' blasts would win her a fight any day on any of the Earths in the Multiverse. The rod and the sword may find themselves equally matched but when it comes down to strength Big Barda is a wall of pure muscle. The Witchblade itself is male, which is why it seeks out a female host, but it has scarcely done as much damage as when paired with this Dynamite dynamo. Speed. DC: Every Member Of The Bat-Family, Ranked By Likability, 10 Heroines You Wouldn't Think Are Stronger Than DC's Wonder Woman (But Actually Are). 0. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. 0. Combat. 0. Wonder Woman and Big Barda have fought too a draw in the past, but in a real fight I say that Big Barda wouldn’t be able too win. 5 Ways Boom! Wonder Woman would be lucky to leave a fight with Willow with her skin in tact and without a hankering for cheese. woman. Official Superhero … added … This sorceress shares flight and daddy issues with Wonder Woman but has something the Amazonian Goddess could never match: magic. 0. Tier. Wonder Woman. She walked through the fires of Hel and emerged a queen. Much like others on this list, Wanda Maximoff can send blasts from her hands, protect herself with forcefields and moves things with her mind before even touching the tip of the iceberg on her powers. 0. Power. This is also prevented by her heartbreaking death in Death of the New Gods. MoNashir on youtube. Wonder Woman is widely acclaimed by audiences as the strongest female superhero of all time with multiple movie and television adaptations over her almost 80-year existence. While she does this primarily as a part of a team (the Ultimates, the West Coast Avengers, etc. Wonder Woman may have super strength and be referred to as "the greatest melee fighter in the world" by Batman, but her powers look minimal compared to goddess-like sorceresses and energy blasting aliens. added by Blacklillium. Tier. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Not to mention that she could destroy an infinity stone. Genetically perfect she’s one of the New Gods from Apokolips, where she was an original member of an all-female warrior guard called the Female Furies. Source: WBTV. Strength. wonder. This television nerd was brought onto comic pages originally in season 8 of her source show Buffy the Vampire Slayer but most recently in a reboot of the same title from Boom! Big Barda, She-Ra, and Wonder Woman VSRulesWin by Death PC to Rebirth feats (she-ra has her tv show feats)Location: Abandon area Angela is not only a goddess but a literal angel from literal heaven. 11 years ago. Wonder Woman vs Big Barda. In her villain days, Jean Grey was a destroyer of planets. Wonder Woman Vs Thor: Who Is Really The Stronger God? Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. From Marvel classics, Dark Horse renditions and Indie stars, here are ten comics badasses whose powers outshine Wonder Woman's on a day to day basis. Separating himself from … W.W. added by baronesz76. NEXT: 10 Secrets From The Comics About Black Widow We Hope The Movie Exposes. Wonder Woman vs Big Barda. 12 wins (26.1%) Big Barda Barda Free: power stats. From the movie Superman Batman Apocalypse: video. RELATED: 5 Ways Boom! WONDER WOMAN. 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