• November 13, 2020
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best arcade dreamcast games

Hey presto, American and Japanese games on your UK Dreamcast. What it is: You know those shite Army Men games? Without it, the Dreamcast would have been a bit low on the ground with sporting titles. Why it was chosen: The Colin McRae Rally series – which continues to this day under its new Dirt moniker – is generally considered to be the best source of entertainment for rally fans. But this arcade football sequel, replete with Sega’s trademark ‘chunky’ feel, only really came into its own if you spent a few hours learning what makes it tick. Yes, it’s a game in which Cammy and Mega Man team up to kick the shit out of people. Next up on our list of the best Dreamcast games is Cannon Spike, a game based on Capcom-designed characters with a range of attacks that make Smash Bros look like a day in the park with a couple of Chihuahua’s. As an added bonus though, its cutscenes all came in at under five hours long. It’s a tried and tested method of gaming for next-gen consoles, so why not give this title a go and try one of the games that helped to get online multiplayer gaming off the ground. This game follows in the footsteps of titles like Parappa the Rapper and is a mixture of Crazy Taxi and the spray-tag minigame on Tony Hawks Pro Skater. It makes the whole game so much better, and consequently a lot scarier! Well, you can now pick up more than one passenger, and there are a couple of new levels based on New York for you to play through. Next up on our list of the best Dreamcast games of all time is Toy Commander, a ‘Toy Story’ inspired game with serious firepower. Everything in this list was deemed good enough to make the cut, so I recommend them all with similar enthusiasm. The player has to chose from a selection of fighters named Kahunas, tribe leaders that battle for a goddess. Get them there quickly, and you get more points and cash. Proper hardcore stuff, this one. It adds a clever layer of strategy to the shoot ‘em up genre and makes it a must-play. Seg used this title to show off the fact that their new console could hold 60 frames a second, and it received positive feedback from game reviewers the world over. Two minutes to complete some of those tasks was so harsh, but pulling them off made you feel like the king of the world. But at the time it was the most accurate video game version of a car ever made. Back in my day, Grand Theft Auto was top-down. Gamers and critics alike loved this game, praising the visual updates on the Dreamcast port and the additive gameplay. Fans of the King of Fighters series, one of the best NEO GEO games of all time, will love having the chance to pit their favourite characters up against Ryu, Chun-Li, and the Street Fighter gang. If you’ve ever played games like PSO before, then you’ll pretty much be already acquainted with how this title works. I owned around 75% of those games, far more games than I ever owned on the PS2. Pop ‘N Music 1, 2, 3 and 4 To those cynical people, I say… well, you’re probably right. What it is: If you don’t like cel-shading, here’s the game to blame. Why it was chosen: One of the reasons the Dreamcast was before its time was it was introducing daft oversized plastic controllers long before we had Guitar Hero, Rock Band drums and the Wii Zapper. Like a lot of the best Dreamcast games, the soundstage is fantastic. Taking place in a futuristic version of San Francisco (round about the year 2049, funnily enough), this was a racer that just decided to say: “Look, let’s not fuck around here. Hand on heart, this is the best and most immersive version of Rayman 2: The Great Escape out there. Still, if you are thinking of completing your retro console collection and looking for the best Dreamcast games ever made, then you’ve come to the right place. I loved playing the original MDK, but whereas that was more about shooting your way through an alien invasion, MDK2 has more puzzle elements to it. Some of you might be thinking that this game should have been a bit further back up towards the top of the list, but I loved this cartoon as a kid, and getting to control Buzz in his very own adventure was so cool!

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