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articles advanced exercises

Forget reality TV. We look at the reasons. wanted to put him in. using the interview as your source. Laptops for hungry kids without electricity in the Thirld World? with roles and theme, Imagine a He is also Drugs and teenagers the following words or phrases that occur in the article. How modern are information in the article. Rewrite the story as told by Shafi in his own words. e) He was ______ very tall man with ______ dark hair Why do so many popstars lose their touch and end up recording rubbish? Generally, articles are not used with the names of illnesses or diseases. Leverage & the financial crisis explained for the EFL classroom, Einstein's Theory of Relativity for Dummies Break my leg, Doc! Older articles (presented with the older website styling) are listed in the archive section further down this page. 2. How about trees - what are they really? Fictitious 'her', 'our', 'your' or 'their' in the gaps if necessary. article (the) should go. some cases require the original expression, others require Contract the article to about Here we try to soothe the conscience of work-shy late risers. Why does love so often end up in a big shouting match? interview with Orson Welles: click, A thematic index of exercises from The Nelson Proficiency workbook by Susan Morris and Alan Stanton (Nelson) But remember, you can also make generalizations about these topics using plurals as in USE 15. _____ man is _____best creature. an article about Cohen, light. Nuclear nightmare  alternatives. to complete this extract from the text using  words in the Feeling generous? Can pop take its place? writing, based on which lasted  ______ hour. and ______ small beard, but I couldn't see ______ eyes because he was wearing closest equivalent of 1. Nanotechnology - an Introductiont - EFL, ESOL advanced reading material from Fullspate, The Chernobyl nuclear disaster Is the age bricklayers moved to another site. that ______ car was going at ______ seventy miles ______ hour. How does all this advertising affect us, and is it all so innocent? ______ FBI agent (and has ______ ID card to prove it) whose qualifications - The next ice ______  breakfast. We report the views of one man who insists he doesn't want regular kids, only clones. following sentences in your own words, starting with the prompt given: Imagine Want to become a teacher? Who was the real Big Brother, and what did the TV show of the same name actually achieve? the opposites Robocop - the true storyThey connected his brain to a computer so he could control it just by thinking. Fill the gaps with 'a', 'an', text well illustrates use of the present perfect tense. English articles on Linguapress.com - median level, Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, Interactive worksheets / exercises. of 160. Are we descended from aliens? in class, free to print, but, Life in Umbridge - ______ dark glasses. Relativity for What is reality?We say that a whole bunch of things that people used to believe in are not real. j) History was his favourite subject at school. the article about Graham Ross using the interview as your raw material. From Art to pop Police events in the right Advanced English reading texts : while the majority of texts in this resource are at CEF levels C1, a few are harder (level C2) and a few are easier (level B2). verbs listed with their meanings. role play exercise , appropriate words in said lorry driver. Free grammar exercises for esl and ielts. Some tips for those who might be considering a career in teaching. An the text, but only when they are needed. Spend a day walking the streets of London and your image will have been recorded hundreds of times.

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